A registered quality label since 1928 with a distribution point in the European Centre for fruit and vegetables, 112 werkhuizenkaai 1000 Brussels.

Products we sell:

  • Our own brand of clementines, oranges and lemons
    These products are “not treated after harvest”
  • Bananas

  • Various fruit
    Grapefruit, mangoes, limes, pineapple, melons, avocado, etc. ..

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Who are we?


AÏDA is already a registered trademark since 1928.

Picking the Orange happened on artisan way, without any mechanical transport.

Transport from the place of production to the center of triage and packaging happened by donkey. The oranges were harvested in large woven baskets.

The oranges were transported by rail from Spain to Belgium (This took three days). They were transported by truck or a van to the warehouses.

Today and this since 1985, the transport from Spain to us happens directly via refrigerated trucks within a time span of 2 days. This to assure an impeccable quality of the product to the consumer.

AÏDA distributes and exports its oranges to the 4 corners of the country as well as to France, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

The company

AIDA is a registered trademark since 1928.

A small family business that initially was specialized in the trade of citrus fruits.

Established in the 1930s, Diksmuidsesteenweg at Brussels, in the heart of ‘ les halles ‘, she moved in 1980 to establish itself in the European Centre for Fruit and vegetables, to 112 werkhuizenkaai 1000 Brussels.

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